Books on Baccarat

There are enough baccarat books written to fill your bookshelves for a lifetime. However, there are certain books that are "must haves" for the baccarat enthusiast.

John May

One of the biggest names in baccarat is John May. His book Baccarat for the Clueless is one of the industry's best for providing an overview of the game. This book provides an excellent background of the game, all the rules, and how to apply some strategies to your game. Although, some of the industry professionals have criticiced his strong promotion of card-counting as a "winning strategy", the book overall has been a great tool for students of baccarat.

Brian Kayser

After decades of exhaustive work with experts in mathematical probability, Bryan Kayser published his book in 2003. Secrets of Winning Baccarat: Proven Strategies from 232 Shoes is a comprehensive guide for developing your best baccarat strategy. His book takes you from choosing your table to advanced strategies. If you have never mastered the basics of a score card and betting trends, then you must read this book. Boasting over 7.5 million books in print, this book is one of the easiest to access.

Avery Cardoza

The Basics of Winning Baccarat is one of the most succinct books you will ever read. In a quick 64 pages, you can understand all that you need to know to start you way in the game of baccarat. Learn all the rules of the different variations, their odds and terminology. Consistently topping the lists of baccarat "must reads", Cardoza easily relates all the tips and tricks every player should know.

Frank Scoblete

Move out of the slow lane and hop in with the pros. Baccarat Battle Book teaches how to reduce your economic risk in the game. Scoblete focuses on the best bets to make and when to make these bets. Get another expert opinion on card counting techniques as he discusses them with other baccarat experts in his book.