The Baccarat Table Layout

Some of the biggest confusions from players are coming to the baccarat table thinking it is a different card game, not knowing what the stakes are and what their role is. Don't let this be you! Come to the table prepared, and first things first, know the table layout. The baccarat table is an oval table with only three possible bets to place: Banker, Player and Tie. Easy, right?

On the standard baccarat table there are 7 numbered spots on both ends of the table for a total of 14 numbers. However, you will see that the number 13 has been left out to prevent any of the bad luck from sneaking into the game, and the numbers reach 15 as a result. Written above the numbers is the space to place your bet on the Player or Banker. Above these words you will see a space to bet on the Tie.

Baccarat is a unique game since the player takes more responsibility in the role of dealer; the casino must assure the honesty of play. Typically there are three dealers and one caller that are centralized to manage the bets and keep a close eye on the Baker that is dealing.

The Mini Baccarat variation is becoming more and more popular in certain casinos for its compact size. This small table is easily placed anywhere in the casino and does not have to make new players feel nervous to approach it. Basically, the mini baccarat layout is just one half of the standard layout. There are 7 areas along the edge of the board and the same three choices for you to bet on: Player, Banker, and Tie. Do be careful, that you do not mistake it for a blackjack table. It is about the same size and has a very similar set up.