Baccarat Etiquette and Manners

Don't forget your manners! It is true, now that online casinos have become so popular; it is easy to forget how we are supposed to act at the table in the casinos. There are long lists of traditional manners that dictate how you behave in baccarat.


When you play in a game where seating has an impact on your bankroll, you should not just rush to your seat. In the case of baccarat, when you rotate the role of Banker it is polite to have a seating arrangement.


In variations where the role of the Banker moves, as in Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque, the order of the Banker's role should be predetermined. In many cases, it is the person who has the most money to fund the bank, and other times it is determined by choosing names off the "guest list". Having a system and using it gives feeling of what to expect to the players.


Depending on which baccarat game you are playing, the house is not always the bank. However, the house is hosting you and providing equipment and a croupier to ensure that there are no disputes about the rules or cards. In this case, the casino is not getting the winnings of the Banker (unless you are playing Punto Banco, in which case the house is the bank) and instead the casino is paid a "commission". This is a percentage (usually 5% of the Banker's winnings) that is paid out of every hand and goes to the house for their service.


There are some general rules of good etiquette that should be observed every time you play a game in the casino: be gracious whether you win or lose. There are always good days and bad, so remember not to gloat too much or whine too much - it's just in bad taste.

Tip your dealer, they are working for you and keep the game fair.